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Hoax Busters September 18th 2017

Hoax Busters -540- Media Whores in the Culture Wars
Hosted by: Chris From OK
Conspiracy or just Theory? Current events, History, Religion, Politics, etc..with a conspiratorial view of the "System", applying critical thinking and analysis to separate the real from the unreal,...
Episode Notes: The Emmys, The Culture Wars, Donald Trump, Progressives, Government, The Constitution, Stephen Colbert,Weather Manipulation, Al Gore, Geostorm, Perception Management, Freemasonry 300 year Anniversary, The Red Cross,Police, Nukes, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Navy Rape Incident, Racism, Napalm, Satire, The Onion, The Realist, Rick Nowels, Katy Perry, Dictionary of Symbols, Ouroboros, Alchemy, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Steve Pieczenik, Dirty Pictures-History of MDMA, LSD, Alexander Theodore "Sasha" Shulgin , Mariel Boatlift, Scarface, Elian Gonzlez , Fidel Castro, The Russians, Cuba, Dual Citizenship, Barak Obama Movies, World Wrestling Entertainment, Jesse Ventura, Politicians in Film and Pro Wrestling. Into Hold Music Snippet: Taco Wagon by Dick Dale & his Del-Tones Ads on Demand: J Peter Puller-How to Survive A Nuclear Blast Sponsored By a Donation by Peter C. And Steve S. Endcap: Super Bug Crisis-Los Angeles Local Emmys Weather Girl-Always Sunny in Philadelphia,


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Chat Transcript

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock talks to The Rerevisionist Part 2 Aug 18th 2017

Rae West of Big Lies.org and Nuke Lies.org is interviewed by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Part 2 


                                                  Rae West

Sage of Quay Radio Hour September 18th 2017

Returning to the show tonight is Jamie Lee.

The discussion with Jamie was wide ranging as we discuss how ground based infrastructures, such as Nexrad and rapid evaporation techniques, play a significant role in the creation of the strange and in many cases severe weather conditions experienced around the world.

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Rae West on Revolution Radio September 8th 2017

95 minute radio chat with Paul Stevenson of Revolution Radio (currently with two 2-hour shows/week). The video has a brief description of the chat every 5 minutes. Paul has talked with Kevin MacDonald and Andrew Joyce. Chat includes Jews hate of whites. Probably best for newcomers to this aspect of things.

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Monday, 18 September 2017

Swedish Documentary On Failed Immigration

A documentary that summarises Sweden's absurd migration policies and government.

Hi all, greetings from Sweden. I just wanted to thank you for watching the documentary and leaving comments. If I could ask you all a favour; please download this video and share on your YouTube channel's and other media platforms as this might get taken down by rather sensitive individuals that aren't interested in the truth. It would also further allow greater exposure to the problems going on in my insane country.

Thank you

Best regards


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Cutting Through the Matrix Sept. 17th 2017

Alan Watt's Cutting Through the Matrix.

In all ages, in all lands, there have been those who seek truth. This seeking is an individual's search for something more than self, and much more than the confines of this worldly system. It is the seeker, who understands there is more than what meets the eye, who is not afraid and makes the choice to go into the unknown. The process of awaking has begun, the discovery is underway.


Alan Watt's Cutting Through the Matrix

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Pete Shea September 15th 2017

Flat earth my heart and lute.

Be-he-Mo-Th. 420. je suis dodo.

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Retro Rense October 4, 2001

 Tim Rifat - Remote Viewing


Rense Radio

Bloody Repeats 


The Freezone September 16th 2017

Aliens and the Esoteric – Brad Olsen

Brad Olsen is the author of nine books, including two in his Esoteric Series: “Modern Esoteric” and “Future Esoteric.” An award-winning author, public speaker, radio show host of “The Esoteric Circle,” book publisher and event producer, his keynote presentations and interviews have enlightened audiences at Contact in the Desert, Awareness Life Expo, the 5D events and dozens of radio shows (including Coast to Coast, Fade to Black, and Ground Zero) and television shows (including Ancient Aliens, America Unearthed, and Mysteries of the Outdoors). Brad is a founder and co-producer of the How Weird Street Faire in the SOMA neighborhood of his home-base San Francisco. Brad was featured on the front page of SF Bay Guardian in September 2014. The Chicago native’s esoteric writing continues to reach a wide audience while he continues breaking ground in alternative journalism, public speaking, illustration and photography.


Freeman TV 



A View From Space September 16th 2017

The Spaceman goes deeper into today’s headlines than anyone else dares to go.


Talk Radio AM 640 Toronto

Deep Thoughts Radio September 14th 2017

Ep 235: People Worshiping

The population is overburdened with stressful financial mechanisms. In this chaos, we have traditionally leaned on our scholars to gain insight into complex political matters. Today, our mentors are paid shills, celebrities with too much time on their hands, or professors who've never experienced the real world of corporate objectives. In this episode, we explore who these people are, and how we can retake our minds in the midst of fake news narratives.

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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Pirate Radio Podcasts Sept 15th 2017

Pirate Radio Podcasts

Ep. 75: Bye-Bye Blue Skies with Suzanne Mayer

Bye-Bye Blue Skies Suzanne Mayer returns to the Robin Hood to discuss the history & impact of weather warfare, Climate Engineering, TESLA technology & “chemtrails”.

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