Sunday, 26 November 2017

THA Talks Edition 175 November 26, 2017

Edition 175 – Angel Millar – Islam & Freemasonry

Angel Millar is the author of “The Crescent and the Compass: Islam, Freemasonry, Esotericism and Revolution in the Modern Age.” The book has been described as “a highly significant work? of extraordinary importance in this time of cultural and even spiritual conflict” by New Dawn magazine and as “an excellent reminder of the wisdom that can come studying the intersections of cultures, people, and places” by cultural historian Aimee Newell. Millar is also the author of “Freemasonry: Foundation of the Western Esoteric Tradition” and “Freemasonry: A History” And his writing has also been published in Quest magazine, and on Disinfo dot com, and elsewhere.


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  1. Who really killed JFK? Was 9/11 an inside job? Why is NASA hiding the Flat Earth?
    These types of headlines used to be limited to tabloid printed newspapers found at the end of the grocery store check-out line. The part of the store where impulse purchases, which usually aren’t very healthy, like candy and chewing gum, are strategically placed.* Conspiracy theories are an addiction many of us just can’t quit.* But what about the impact this alt-culture has in the workplace?

    Once a post-JFK assassination phenomenon from the 20th century,* this cottage industry has been amplified by 21st-century technology, metastasizing into quite an addictive tumor. Hand-held smart screen technology changes everything. The list of conspiracy theories is constantly growing.* And the internet is in the palm of everyone’s hand. Its enticing and counterproductive content a finger swipe away.
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