Monday, 27 November 2017

Flat Earth Conspiracy Nov 26 2017

33 Reasons To Boycott The AE Map

Yes!... we bring you 33 reasons to boycott the AE map forever! Once again, for the thousandth time, we show you why the Gleason's map, the AE pizza map, the blue Frisbee, the Flat Earth Society and the Robotham model are holding back the flat earth expansion.

This episode Lori and Lawrence are joined by Jake Gibson, the Flat Earth Asshole along with Thomas Thompson as guests!

Why the number 33? Because just like a lot of other dogma and mythology ingested by the "movement", it's just another number and is not just for freemasons which has become as laughable as steam powered rockets and not falling off the edge because there is an icewall holding the oceans on a disc.

We have shown so many reasons why "No Maps" is the best approach to sharing the reality that the earth is flat. There are hundreds of reasons the globe is a failed model. Another false model as a replacement is not only a really bad idea, but it is ammunition being used against us.

NOTE:  Jakes audio on the vid is very low 
i tried to boost it up in the mp3 below , enjoy  

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