Friday, 18 August 2017

Stanley Kubrick & Hollywood As A Weapon - Jay Dyer on Down the Rabbit Hole

On this edition of Down the Rabbit Hole, Popeye welcomes to the broadcast researcher, comedian, and author Jay Dyer. The two of them have a very in depth conversation about some of the topics, films, and people Jay discusses in his book titled ESOTERIC HOLLYWOOD. A more fitting description could not be found of the book than that of the author himself. To quote Jay, “There is not another book out here like it, a book that tries to combine philosophy; geopolitics; comedy; conspiracy; satire; and metaphysics all into one package.” And that he does extremely well ladies and gentlemen. Some of the topics Popeye and Jay discuss are Stanley Kubrick, his films and underlying messages / themes in his work; Steven Spielberg’s films, their underlying messages / themes; The underlying messages / themes in James Bond films; Dune and The Litany Against Fear; The usage of Hollywood by the powers that shouldn’t be to manipulate and control society; And much more. This is an eye opening conversation between Popeye and Jay. Take the time to listen to the entire thing.

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