Sunday, 27 August 2017

Project Camelot August 25th 2017

Super Soldier Shadow Warrior Ugene B. Culson.

Kerry Cassidy interviews an original MKUltra Super Soldier Shadow Warrior involved in 444 operations including; Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Waco, Jonestown, Alice in Wonderland, Aurora Project and more. "Culson" is one of his names used for ops.

“I’m 60 years old. At age 5, I was put in the program and trained by a ranger who was the first guy to go out with knief all nite long in the Korean war who was the baddest of the bad, I was recently told this guy also helped train Chuck Norris. ..I am not superman but because God protected me I was invincible in combat and everybody knows this that’s why I was always in the most dangerous portions of battles.” ~ Ugene B Culson


Project Camelot


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