Thursday, 3 August 2017

Has the Diamond lost a side and become a Flat Earth Triangle ?

Been thinking a lot about the old math adage: 3 points makes a plane.
And instead of a diamond flat earth I am heavily considering the Collignon triangle map ?
It satisfies a flat plane
It satisfies known distances
It satisfies quantum Pac Man
It satisfies Polaris/Magnetic North
It satisfies the straight-line Sun path
It satisfies the Antarctic 'ice wall & more land'
It satisfies Neil Degrasse Tyson's 'fatter at the bottom' It even satisfies 'globular UN AE map' yet conical
But the main reason I have been attracted to this simplified geometry is learning that the a Dr Charles Lawrence of the ESA Planck Project is theorizing the Universe is a very large and VERY FLAT TRIANGLE.
The all seeing eye of the Great Seal Pyramid might agree if only as a meme

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