Friday, 18 August 2017

Grimerica ep. 237 Aug 18, 2017

Note: Interview starts at 27:10 min.
Tristan Haggard of Primal Edge Health joins us to talk about health and wellness, biohacking, and ketogenic diets. Tristan does some online coaching, podcasts, youtube hangouts, and helped his wife Jessica write “The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook - A Training Manual for Low-Carb Ketogenic, and Paleo Cuisine. This is not just a cookbook but a manual for a keto low carb and healthy lifestyle. Tristan always brings context to his coaching and conversation and Jessica joins us during the last part of the episode.

We chat about the demonization of coconut oil and saturated fasts and the American Heart Association, everyday bio hacks, our society’s backwards health culture, and grains. Healing IBS and migraines, big pharma and the problem with agriculture, eliminating foods that cause stress in the body, and spiritual practice are some things we also chat about.


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