Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Blast from the Recent Past ~ Freechan - Fe Public Access - Live

This is FREECHAN. The Flat, Round, Everything, Everyone Channel

Strict adherence to YouTube's s Community Guidelines are in full effect. Violation of these guidelines will result in losing privileges and access to this channel.

This hangout is open to the community and it's intended target audience, which includes but is not limited to Conspiracy Theory, Flat Earth, Globe Earth Skepticism, Heliocentric and Geocentric models, and for debate on these topics.

Absolutely zero streaming of any copyrighted or monetized audio OR visual content. This includes listening to the car, or household radios while on air. Any activity, careless or intentional will result in your ejection from the hangout and you will not be able to return until the start of a new broadcast.

To join this hangout click link: (Only click the link if you agree to all terms. )

Audio Only Here

Flat Earth Rebel Network's You Tube


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