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Peanut allergies: We now know the cause - May 6, 2016

Published on Aug 6, 2015
A century ago, nobody had even heard of peanut allergies, but today segments of the population are seeing numbers over 5% being allergic to peanuts, and the sight of children carrying devices like the Epipen has become commonplace. How did we get here and what is driving this massive increase?

The answer might not be as obscure as mainstream doctors would have us believe. The scientific research clearly links the rise in peanut allergies to Vaccines, and many scientists and doctors are now speaking up to advise the public.

The vaccine has a component known as an Adjuvant, which is supposed to enhance the body's immune response to the vaccine. The more harmful the adjuvant, the stronger the reaction from the immune system, and somehow the vaccine pushers would have us believe that this is a good thing, even though this has been proven to be flawed and has been debunked.

One of their adjuvants of choice is peanut oil, which has been used in vaccines since the mid 1960s, and since the body's reaction to it was very high, it became the model for subsequent vaccines. By the 1980s it had become the preferred adjuvant for vaccines manufactured in the West.

Peanut oil is not listed in the ingredients list of vaccines for a variety of reasons, including the manufacturers claiming its as a "trade secret". Countries where the adjuvant is not peanut oil, for example - In Israel, where the preferred adjuvant is sesame oil, find that peanut allergies are a very, very rare occurrence.

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