Monday, 11 April 2016

THA Talks Edition 113 April 10, 2016

Tom Collins – Psychotropic Torpor/Terror, Race & Sex Wars

Tom is a psychiatric survivor, but before what he describes as his psychiatric life he was an actor & teacher. After the trauma of his young daughter losing her Father this way, he found himself drifting through the hall of mirrors of psychiatry for twelve years. For the past three years Tom has been studying the changes in Psychiatry from within the Anglo-American World, and the possible future that may be unfolded by those that run the plantation, effecting our ability to perceive, remember, know & be an agent in our own life.

“Since the economic coup of 2008, The CorpoState has had time to scratch heads and see what’s available to manage the taxable Euro-multi-culti-caste livestock and their naughty thinks, isms & ists. 2011 was the key year in regards to deciding and providing social conflicts to enable the London banks to recover their market positions. The protracted plan to effect this economic war on the populous of the UK stretched from 2013 to 2015 and the goal has been to use The NHS, Psychiatry and The Third Sector to destroy consciousness via a well meaning kafka-napping of killing one softly with Pharmacy’s song.”

Tom will talk about psychotropic torpor/terror & how to stimulate The City of London under the guise of providing all necessities, tranquilizing all anxieties and amusing all boredoms as the left/right, class, race and sex wars combine, to provide further abuses and greater bank buoyancy.


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