Sunday, 10 April 2016

HBC Special Report, Impact of Aerospace on Society - pt 1 April 7, 2016

Hosted by: Chris From OK

Episode Notes: In this HBC Special Report, John and Chris open up a discussion on the Aerospace Industry and how it helped shape and mold the culture of Southern California and the rest of the country as well.


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  1. Thanks for posting Del. I found this interesting. I worked for the Aerospace Industry a few years back in the day. What happened at Mami's? Looks like a ghost-town over there.

  2. You're welcome paul as far as mami's goes , foon1e left a pretty accurate description of what was up in the comment section , for now let's call it the mami's celeste and wait and see if zap gets his act together :-)
    anyway , thanks for your patronage here paul
    all the best man

  3. As You Know Del - we were only doing Zap a favour at his behest anyways. When he burnt out, It was time to call time on our unpaid efforts. What point was there in supporting a site which let The WW2 Nazi Lovers take over everything because the original site owners had both given up??We all seemed to drift away at roughly the same time because of such events. But we both run our own blogs where all our original content can be found. So it's not as if we've given up pointing out the perfidities of the Jews. We're just concentrating on our own takes... ;)

  4. Del & Foon1e
    I respect and appreciate all you guys do online. I can understand how the whole Nazi thing gets old. I will try to keep up with you gentleman on you're separate blog-sites. Thanks again for exposing the truth.