Saturday, 12 March 2016

There is only ONE Corporation in this ONE WORLD NEW WORLD ORDER...

Corporations are the puppet masters of government... that's the illusion they've been selling us. What if, instead, there is only one corporation, split into many factions, and the head of it is government? All governments are the same religion, and that religion is power and control. Separation of church and state is just another illusion.
How else to explain how they are all on line with poisoning our air, food, water and environment? I mean, we really have not heard of any resistance to this agenda from the corporate realm, and all of it seems to have been rolled out by agreement and on a schedule. From my perspective, the timing was right around 1986. It was as if a switch was thrown and the a-holes walked in and took over the show... it has all been downhill since then.

 Is it coincidence that all media (television, radio, magazines, newspapers, Hollywood movies, news journalism, novels, etc.) reinforce an appeal to authority, take me to your leader meme? It is widely accepted that an omniscient, benevolent creator commissioned a set of laws, all of which can be broken or misinterpreted, and government as a legitimate power is a given. Monarchy, another form of ruler-ship, infers a divinely ordained right to rule based on blood lineage. Political "leaders" are God fearing and church going. Popes, Rabbis, priests, ministers, evangelicals and those who merely profess faith are deemed morally superior to those who do not. Unbelievers, conversely, are cast in a negative light.

Uniformity, conformity, and submission to a higher authority is indoctrinated into us via the educational system from Kindergarten through college. Military service is one's duty... patriotism is exulted... blind obedience is the norm. The fields of medicine and science are thoroughly infiltrated and marching lock-step, assimilating humanity into this one-world sameness where no one will be allowed to think or behave in an unsanctioned manner. Society at large has been programmed to enforce this group think, herd mentality and the individual who expresses an opposing view is seen as an oddball.

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