Friday, 25 March 2016

Shortwave's Classic Conspiracy Broadcasts Vol 1. Ep. 3 1993

Tom Valentine Franklin Coverup July 20 1993

Vintage Radio Free America with Tom Valentine - Franklin Coverup - John DeCamp- July-20-1993*-CF -Off The Air from Shortwave My cassette says 1993, though this could have been recorded from 1994. 1993 and 1994 are both marked on this tape.

Disclaimers: The audio quality is not all that great, in some parts there is bad phase distortion.

I apologize about the audio quality, but this was the only game in town at the time for majority of us. This is how we got our information ....from shortwave. This was recorded from WWCR.

I transferred this from the original cassette tape to MP3 using 128 bit rate.

There were allegations from William Cooper that Tom Valentine was a member of a secret society. Cooper alleged that Valentine was a member of the Estelle Group.

We need to keep in mind what the Late William Cooper said. Read everything, listen to everything and believe nothing until you researched it yourself.

Converted from Cassette Tape to MP3. Originally Uploaded to Concen individually in 2009.

Some of these do not have great audio quality and were recorded directly from Shortwave Radio. To my knowledge, these are only available in this form that are otherwise lost to the ages.
~ Shortwave


I was having a look in one of my old hard drives and found these audios i downloaded from concen at the time . I'm posting them here now as a bit of history and also a thank you to Shortwave for his recordings and uploads at concen 
~ del

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