Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Shortwave's Classic Conspiracy Broadcasts Vol 1. Ep. 2 1993

Lou Epton - Bio Chip Implantation and the NWO - July 1993 - KLAV Las Vegas

A long lost interview with Biochip researcher Terry Cook on the Lou Epton Show July 1993.

Despite its vintage the topics at the time were pretty hot.

Some of the predictions were way off, there was a general consensus back then that somewhere between 1995 to 2000 were going to be the years it will all go down.

Even back then they were talking about the impending NWO takeover, gold and silver, corrupt politicians, coming cashless society, and the implantable Bio Chip the size of a grain of rice.

Despite its vintage, this might be useful in waking up people ..if anything just to show them people were sounding the alarm 16 years ago.

Converted from Cassette Tape to MP3. Originally Uploaded to Concen individually in 2009.

Some of these do not have great audio quality and were recorded directly from Shortwave Radio. To my knowledge, these are only available in this form that are otherwise lost to the ages.
~ Shortwave


I was having a look in one of my old hard drives and found these audios i downloaded from concen at the time . I'm posting them here now as a bit of history and also a thank you to Shortwave for his recordings and uploads at concen 
~ del

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