Friday, 18 March 2016

Shortwave's Classic Conspiracy Broadcasts Vol 1. Ep. 1 1993

Timeless Voyager Radio - UFO Disclosure 1993

Vintage - Timeless Voyager Radio - UFO Disclosure - Off the air from WWCR circa 1993.

Timeless Voyager Radio was a show much like Coast To Coast, Red Ice and Dreamland. It was popular in the early to mid 1990's. Popular subjects were of course...UFO's. Among the predictions was the landing of a flying saucer in Washington D.C. in 1994. Other subjects talked about was Government disclosure.

Archives of "Timeless Voyager Radio" are impossible to find. I been looking for years and haven't found anything except this one I had recorded off of WWCR somewhere in 1993.I am sure this is the only one I have. This is vintage and rare.

This is recorded from WWCR shortwave. There is no phase distortion on this one and the quality is fair. I reduced the bitrate to 32 and this should make it faster to download and make it still listenable.

Converted from Cassette Tape to MP3. Originally Uploaded to Concen individually in 2009.

Some of these do not have great audio quality and were recorded directly from Shortwave Radio. To my knowledge, these are only available in this form that are otherwise lost to the ages.
~ Shortwave


I was having a look in one of my old hard drives and found these audios i downloaded from concen at the time . I'm posting them here now as a bit of history and also a thank you to Shortwave for his recordings and uploads at concen 
~ del

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