Sunday, 27 March 2016

Microsoft's Tay Sentient AI - Fake Psyop Hoax - Internet Censorship Excuse - 9/11

Microsoft's "Tay AI" Internet censorship psyop bot really has a lot of people buying this garbage. When you actually look at the content being discussed, and the obviously manufactured response to said content, it becomes more apparent that not only was Tay not really sentient, but the actual purpose of "Tay" was censorship- by saying a "neutral party" will become a racist, sexist within a day on the internet.. The opposite of what the gullible public would believe is true- the internet enlightens people.

There are already thousands of "sentient" AI twitter bots and other sock-puppet bots all over twitter and the internet, but Tay was a carefully orchestrated psyop, most likely completely run by human beings intended to make people lose their faith in the internet, humanity, and raise questions regarding the need for censorship, and data manipulation.

If Tay can become a holocaust denying 9/11 truther in one day...

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