Thursday, 17 March 2016

How the Law of Attaction Really Works...

And yes, it does work.  That is why it is not called the theory of attraction. I had not realized until very recently that the Law of Attraction is a biblical truth. The gospel of Mark states: The time is fulfilled and the kingdom of god is at hand... REPENT. Repent, as it is applied in the world, is not what scripture intends.... the word repent means to make a radical change of attitude... to change your mind. It does not mean to feel remorse or regret. To begin to repent is to recognize and exercise our power to create. The prefix Re means do again, re-do it. To RePent is to re-think... to ReCognize is to gain a new awareness. To improve the world, it is necessary to improve the quality of one's inner dialogue.  Neville Goddard has some amazing insights.

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