Monday, 28 March 2016

Fakeologist Audio Chat - Superman Vs. Batman March 27, 2016

Superman vs. Batman - Dan O'Halahan.

We all know how to recognize the villain... he's the one with the beady eyes, arched eyebrows, dressed in black.. twisting his mustache. Then there's the Super Heroes, like Superman and Batman. What do we know about superman? He's a super powered, well intentioned hayseed from another planet.  You can count on him to do the right thing. We have seen him fly off for self reflection on some distant planet. He is moral, but maybe not all that bright... is he inadvertently serving evil thinking he's on the side of right? What about Bat-Man... millionaire philanthropist, sophisticated, savvy... well connected Skull and Bones member with a penchant for mentoring young boys. They only go after bad guys, right? Super hero or super villain... serving good or self-serving?

My favorite take away... Star Trek programming. We have Kirk... kirk is the Scottish word for church. Spock... well, despite he is cast as a good guy... the dark hair, arched eyebrows, and even the V hand-sign all indicate he is really the Devil... and what is an Enterprise if not a money making venture? In essence, The Final Frontier is just more religion. They sell us our heroes and they sell us our sinners and it's all religion. Now might be a good time to question our beliefs. How did we come to perceive these notions?

Very insight full analysis... if i wasn't friends with O'Halahan, i might not have listened to this podcast, but i really got a lot out of it... funny how things work out. O'Halahan is definitely one of the good guys in my cartoon funny pages 
                                                                    ~ Wanda


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