Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Brussels Belgium False Flag - Israeli Mossad, ICTS, SITE, Shin Bet Involvement

The security for the Brussels airport was run by the same Israeli company (based in Holland) that ran the 9/11 security at all involved airports, and that for the "underwear bomber" among other recent false flag attacks.

The person verifying that "ISIS claimed responsibility" for the Brussels attack is none other than Rita Katz- an Israeli, who provides "proof" that most recent False Flag attacks have been claimed by ISIS, or Al Qaeda or whoever. Her "proof" comes from Twitter accounts, and "ISIS websites" which are often linked back to Saudi Arabia, and the UK.

The iconic television images of people running away from the Airport terminal are also apparently owned by Israelis i24 television station.

Zionist Olav' Thon's employees were seen surround the alleged victims outside the metro station- the same man who had his empty buildings blow up during the Oslo Attack (buildings he was denied a demolition permit for on historic grounds).

The agenda of this attack only goes to help create a state of "Greater Israel", as 4 days after this False Flag, like clockwork, Belgium sent warplanes to go and bomb "ISIS" in Syria and pledge more military assistance.

Is it any "coincidence" ISIS never attacks Israeli soil?

When you start to add all these things up, and because these themes keep re-occurring, one can only deduct that Israeli forces are behind these False Flags and Hoaxes as well as ISIS, with the agenda of destabilizing competing nation-states near Israel and in the region, as well as the ultimate goal of the creation of a state of "Greater Israel".

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