Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Contemporary Nightmare

Pretty much sums up the state of it all at the moment ....

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  1. The Jews' #1 specialty is co-opting healthy and regenerate forms of rebellion with counterfeit and degenerate ones they sponsor, either directly or indirectly. Co-opting 19th century American libertarianism with "democracy" and crony capitalism was one of these, co-opting European Socialism with Marxism was another. The political arena of popular music is another one they almost fully control and co-opt and direct to their will for maximum psychological control of the goyim.

    The same people who put out the garbage (problem) and get the reaction, put out (or allow the putting out of) supposed "rebels" against the problem (always and at all times, limited hangout, hugely popular head-wigger clowns like Eminem, being the first in line) to provide the "solution" acceptable to this or that specific (and usually huge in number and nowadays, through the internet, very much world-wide) wanna-be-rebel demographic. Sell them on THEIR brand of "rebellion," before any REAL REBELLION can possibly take root.

    Make fun of Obama Bin Biden and by extension ALL of Jewry's Islamic enemies, the few they do not control fully through the Abrahamic Koran and controlled opposition stooges, that is. But, of course, certain things, like the Moon-Landings-Hoax, the holohoax, the 9-11-PsOp, Sandy Hoax and other Media-Fakery Psyops etc. will ALWAYS be taboo with these fake "rebels."

    They would never, EVER, in a million years allow a puppet like Eminem to get 200 million you tube views saying anything really non-conformist or politically incorrect. Notice the comic-book style of both the song and the video SPECFICALLY DESIGNED TO TARGET kids (notice the 7 or 8 year old kid at the very beginning grabbing the cd, right before they show Eminem in bed with a famous porn star and a famous oriental women's fitness guru, pushing whores and non-whore good-looking women all into one group of degenerates), to get kids on the "gangsta rap" degenerating program that's been running non-stop since the early 1990s (the guy from Niggers with Attitude, given "god-like" reverence to in almost every M&M, chocolate on the inside, brown on the outside or chocoalte and nutty on the inside and faggot-rainbow-colored on the outside video. Yes, it is quite possible that even the name was chosen for subtle neuro-linguistic programming from someone other than Monsieur Marshall supposed "trailer trash" himself).

    They throw a rabbi in there to pretend to be "equal opportunity" satire. Electrocute Dick Cheney just like Alex the shill Jones, but electrocute some big-shot Kike on film and both M&M and his "Doctor" of cheesy licks can kiss their careers and mountains of filthy shekels goodbye and maybe even expect a Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby treatment if they piss off enough Jews. Both M&M and Dr.hack-wigger-guru know EXACTLY who's fair game and who will MAKE YOU apologize on national TV like that grotesquely fat bisexual bitch Marlon Brando for the slightest indiscretion in their direction. They act accordingly, THINKING they're exercising "free speech" and their duped legion of fans are bamboozled into the same fake assurance of "free speech," the pro-Jew paradigm they will be imprisoned in for most of their lives.

    ~ Negentropic