Friday, 13 March 2015

Videre and Frank Salt in Conversation 12, March 2015

Topics : Fakery, Dallas Goldbug and more . Del chimes in also



  1. Ed is a "Family Member" who distracts us from who are the real culprits.
    He's involved with some of the nastiest people on the planet. Look up MK-Ultra, neural-linguistics, http://asis.com/users/stag/starchiv/transcriptions/Illuminati%20Series/IS_10.html, There's a TON more on him and his family.

  2. @ 35 minutes... no correction is ever made for the curvature of the earth.

    1. Frank is clearly a shill (sp). He never answers any of Videre's questions and then he spins things into being crazy!! He goes from saying that the world is clearly flat, then he says that there is glass sky (ha), and then he ends with saying that he is not a flat earth person? Well then, what are you Frank? Also, Frank states that he has a degree in "nuclear physics", then he has another degree as a "Mining Engineer", and then he has an MBA. It sounds impressive, but I just don't buy what he is selling. Oh and the whole salt thing is a bunch of BS. You can debunk want he says very easily. He states that Japan has the highest life expectancy. So I looked it up! He would be right with many of the studies that are out there would agree that Japan has the highest life expectancy (shocking cause they smoke more then most countries). Also, Japan does consume a lot of salt according to a lot of studies out there. The next thing I did was look up the second country with the highest life expectancy. Wikipedia states that Andorra has the second highest life expectancy. Then when you look at Andorra's salt consumption from the reports from the WHO (world health organization), you can see that they barely consume salt, as compared to the rest of Europe. So already, you can see that what he is saying can be debunked and I question that. Next, he never answers Videres question about when you are out in the ocean and you look back at a city, it looks as though the city is under water? He avoids a lot of questions and he really didn't bring anything to the table, except craziness. I think Videre needs to interview more of these government paid people. Its clear that Videre is onto something!