Friday, 27 March 2015

K Ham Radio Ep. 30 with Hoi Polloi, March 26 2015

Kay Is Joined By Hoi Polloi, from Cluesforum
We compare possible earth models and discuss the most compelling arguments for and against them.
Here are some links from the show.

The Moon Wobbles

How is the Moon lit?

The SSSS Model of the Universe

Divergence of Long Plumb-Lines at the Tamarack Mine

The Rectilineator Experiment and Concave Earth

Glass in the Sky

The Electric Universe Theory



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  1. This show was much better than the Shack show where nobody had any questions ready and it went absolutely nowhere. A little planning goes a long way even it's just a list of topics to examine from various angles. I told Red Pill/Truth-Media Revolution to have his questions ready when interviewing Shack at least one day before the interview to give him time to construct the best answers rather than improvise them off-the-cuff in his 5th spoken language, whenever the fuck that's supposed to happen, it's already been a month since he made his promo! Alex Jones does 3 hours every single day (plus 2 hours on Sundays sometimes) for 17 years straight spewing his limited hangout disinfo but Shack and Red Pill can't get together even 3 hours a month to do one show? What the hell? And with Hoi Polloi banning or alienating into never-posting-again every single decent new poster that comes on the forum (most recent one being Observer, he didn't even last 51 posts)? These guys are literally their own worst enemies.

    Hey, what is a good time to call you on skype and which number at which time (you gave me two numbers, right?)? I think I called you at around 9:00 AM your time and got an answering machine. I haven't talked to a single person on skype itself and don't want to call up friends and family from this account to test it, I'd rather have it stay private just for internet research.

    ~ Negentropic