Thursday, 5 February 2015

We'll Do it LIVE! Ep.26 Feb 4, 2015

The REAL Alternative Podcast, streamed live on Feb 4, 2015

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  1. Again they won't touch anything but the most bare minimum of media-fakery on 9-11. In fact, some of these people are postulating "drones" instead of planes. Please! I've had enough of these guys already. How stupid do these guys think WE think they are? First they come off sharp-as-a-knife when it comes to all post-Sandy-Hook PsyOps and as soon as they backtrack from they go all blunt and dull and can't figure anything out? LOL What a big surprise!

    Following footstep with the rest of the shills, Fetzer, Betsy Magee, Northern Crap Seeker and the rest of them.

    And worst of all, they pretent they've either never heard of Simon Shack (impossible, but they're here to gatekeep Shack like the rest of them, not to promote him and mark my words and I'll eat them and apologize to these fuckers if I'm wrong: it'll be a cold-day-in-hell when you see any of these guys or gals take Shack's side in anything) or won't mention his name lest they give him any publicity to their tens-of-thousands of subscribers all over the net.

    In short I don't trust any of these people at all and couldn't care less if their agents or self-made useful idiot shills. We don't have years to wait for these assholes to get their shit straight. The hour is late and way overdue already as they themselves seem to recognize. They're locking this control-grid down on all our asses with the help of these goddamn computers.

    As far as I'm concerned, since they purport to be 'experts' on media-fakery, they either come clean on the 100% conclusively proven No-Planes & No-fucking-anything-else-including-missiles-or-drones on 9-11 and start promoting Shack or at least have the courtesy to pay him some respects as the guy who has exposed more media fakery in the past 9 years than all these wise-ass clowns combined or they're shills I don't want to waste any time with who can go fuck themselves.

    I'm serious. I have no patience with these kinds of morons and assholes anymore. I have as little patience with their shilleries as they have with Luke Rudkowski, Dan Dicks and Mark Dyke. And to disrespect Shack the way they do by never mentioning his name as if their dipshit asses where the first ones to discover media-fakery post-Sandy-Hook is absolutely and totally suspicious and shows no class whatsoever. Either way, the only reason I'll listen to these podcasts from now on will be throw all their shit straight back in their face.

    Sorry to be so negative, I know it's not good strategy or tactics but I just had to say it. I'm really sick of people like this being so endlessly gatekept and arrogantly ignorant and unable to follow their own logic to its ultimate conclusions or else pretending not to be able to do it because they were put up to it by handlers. Bait them in with full rationality in these 10 places then hook them to death on the same old lies of 9-11, our most important and cornerstone PsyOp.

    ~ Negentropic