Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Magic Star of Aurora - Chameleon Crisis Actor Exposed

Jansen Young the "Magic Star of Aurora" is a true rarity, a crisis actor with talent.She's good. The script is corny and so is her accent, but it works. In fact Lynn McDonnell borrower her foggy mirror story nearly to a tee. Another big re-occurring theme is the "hero angle", Joe Plunk, "looked me square in the eye" said Jansen's fake dad, the whole thing stinks to high heaven. Not all the T & A they sneak into this bit. The second part of this feature is rare pics from a 1972 Rothschild gala event in Paris, complete with surreal masks and reversed written invitations. The connections aren't obvious, but they are there. Lucid Dreaming is the new reality. Take a look. Go full screen and go loud.

Mike Sea's You Tube

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  1. Most recent episode of Save the Silly Humans (02/08/2015). Dahboo77, who has 127,768 you tube subscribers, came on at around the 4 hour and 40 minute mark to rap with the guys.


    ~ Negentropic