Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Taiwan Plane Crash: Passenger Jet Hits Bridge

Dramatic (badly done) CGI footage shows the moment a passenger jet hits a bridge before crashing into a river in Taiwan.

Sky News' B S Spreading You Tube

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  1. Shit, at least they made an effort to have a few parts fall off the wing there, unlike the 9-11 fraudsters in whose mind psychological effect on the billions of peons glued to their idiot-box was the prime consideration and advancing that false narrative, not any attempt to be very realistic, however capable of it their studio special effects may have been at the time, at the cost of psychological effect. It is the scripted narrative that they have to advance because only it installs the fear triggers and pride triggers and other emotional triggers that can be re-triggered easily later with just a hint in other stories of a 9-11 type terror possibility. Not only that but the official fable has incorporated within it all the red-herrings and false-trails necessary to confuse the largest number of dissenters and investigators away from the path closest to the truth and into time-wasting useful idiocies especially arranged for them with agents placed to lead them once they happen to get there through the official 'alternative' narrative while all the while thinking they arrived at that position through independent research.

    ~ Negentropic