Thursday, 26 February 2015

Fakeologist Radio ep135 Feb. 22, 2015


Guest: Javaring True Lies Podcast



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  1. Truth Media Revolution formerly known as Red Pill Revolution (over 66,000 you tube subscribers; Fakeologist only has 396) now on Clues Forum (last post on the page, his intro post, 02, 25, 2015):


    Plus he invited Shack on his podcast (Simon accepted on the next page) which goes out to 66,000 subs every time he puts it out on you tube!! That’s about 10 times the potential audience Abirato ever got on any podcast and 65,000 more subscribers (Shack himself only has 5200).

    Not bad. It was long over due for something like this to happen. Show will be this Sunday or Monday if Shack's time is compatible. We’re going viral very soon, Delcroix, so hold on to your hat.

    ~ Negentropic