Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Plane Truth January 6, 2015

Scaring Us with Grade B Movies: Crisis Actors, Fake Terror and Special Effects with Ole Dammegard Featuring: The Mighty Time Monk Radio Arts Players Your Host: Plane RoundTable Members: Gerry PTS-3123


Time Monk Radio

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  1. This was one of the best audios I've ever heard BUT it is also very suspicious, just like it is with Fetzer, that Dammegard is so knowledgable on all aspects of conspiracies and media-fakery on Sandy Hook, Boston and other PsyOps but loses the ship completely on 9-11, cannot simply take the modus operandi of media-fakery and apply it to 9-11 and find the MOUNTAINS of evidence there discovered by Simon Shack and others that CONCLUSIVELY prove that event to be the ultimate media-fakery operation. Dammegard doesn't even acknowledge No-Planes on 9-11 and claims a missile hit the Pentagon.

    Therefore, as much as I'd like to have a guy like this on our side, he hasn't proven himself trustworthy. He hasn't passed the litmus test on 9-11, not even as much as Fetzer has. Of course, Fetzer thinks that by doing holohoax shows he will convince us more experienced media-fakery researchers that he hasn't shilled on 9-11, get us to bite that hook with his bait. It's not going to happen. Not for me anyway. If he wants to be considered a rational researcher and re-gain street-cred, he HAS to come clean on the 9-11 VicSims and Non-Plane fakery and he HAS to asknowledge proper procedure, authentication of evidence BEFORE relying on it as a base for logical argument, dump the hologram theories and other nonsense and especially his support of obvious liars like Willie Rodriguez and Ellen Mariani as 'honest' witnesses.



    As always the maxim remains:

    "Direct agent or useful idiot / ego the result is the same: disinformation or making everything believable and nothing knowable."

    Mark his words: 2015 will be the best year ever. I appreciate that he's so optimistic but 2015 will be no different than 2014 if he doesn't come clean on the disinfo he still pushes on 9-11.

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