Saturday, 24 January 2015

Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb 2015.01.24

Hey, hey, hey, it’s not Fat Albert, it’s Bill Cosby who came to town, Target Canada didn’t hit the mark and is going out of business, a woman who found porn on her cell phone, local governm...

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  1. Monopolizing media and using the weapon of propaganda to condition and manipulate subconscious minds through lies is fraud. Propping up an agenda at the cost of truth is fraud.

    Using media to spread truthful propaganda is usually unavoidable.

    Propping up an agenda of truth is similar to a billboard with a beautiful model on it drawing your attention that says 2+2=4 or the Moon Landings were a Hoax. Does using a bit of titillation corrupt the truth? Depends on the degree of titillation. Like in all things truth and know-ledge is a question of balance, temperance and not compromise. Temperance is mixing your album for months in order to make it sound its best. Compromise is putting a disco beat in there to please and pander to the most idiots and squeeze the most money out of them at the cost of your own integrity and that of your artifice and therefore its value in the longer run. A prostituted artifice is no aid to understanding reality from unexpected and undiscovered angles suggested by the muse but a mystification away from it.

    As long as 2+2=4 is not compromised, you're ad-vert-ising. Adding vert = greenery and vegetation, then to the French vérité or 'truthfulness' which would mean adding naturalism or realism, in English being veritable or adding TO veritability. Which one will it be? The truth or what's been ADDED to the truth and therefore made it somewhat less true. Depends on the dramatic depiction in the ad. Drama itself is the most hackneyed and overused technique of expression ever devised. It casts people in a mold that is not necessarily their eternal destiny. Truthful propaganda is legal advertising until it crosses the line of bending the truth, then it becomes fraud, like putting a doctor in the ad who smokes a cigarette, the way they did in the old days, to pretend cigarettes are healthy for you.

    Propaganda can also be broken down to Pro-Pagan-da

    A common feature of Pagan religions is that they tend to be nature oriented. Therefore, pro-Pagan tends to be pro-nature at its root and therefore pro-truth.

    Like Sasquatch-Rense (every once-in-a-while he comes up with some really good insights) said on a recent audio with Jay Weidner about and TO his audience: you don't listen to everything and accept it all but you think, you question, you're pro-active about life and what goes INTO your mind here is for your edification and your consideration. When you watch TV, because of the nature of the medium, you will tend to no longer have that ability, it's taken away from you, the whole purpose of TV is to slyly take this away from you. TV puts you into a deep trance state where your ability to discern or otherwise dissect and evaluate the information going into your subconscious is suspended, it's gone, it just doesn't work the way it should anymore and the agendas and disinformation just pour in, especially for the young and impressionable.

    As soon as you abandon your child to commercial television, video games or commercial internet or any form of uncontrolled outside subconscious manipulation, it's over.

    What your goes into your mind should be for your edification and consideration not automatic penetration.

    When you see young kids and even adults with their cell-phones welded to their hands who can't even put it in their pockets anymore. Every time they get a 'message' they feel 'worth,' a counterfeit worth no different than a drug high.


    ~ Negentropic

  2. Correction:

    "What goes into your mind should be for your edification and consideration, not automatic penetration."

    ~ Negentropic