Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Trippy Sandy Hook Handy Hands

Light look at the dark side, Go loud, go big screen. Jesse Heslin Lewis the Last is the subject of this farce. Gingerbread Jesse lives in 1976 on blue shag carpet. He plays with little plastic cowboys and Indians on the coffee table, never on the playstation. His hands are backwards with no eyes on themselves, only the Chinese dancers have that kind of coordination. Triple the names, triple the fun. I might be the only one who gets it, but that's ok, because soon it may not matter to anyone. Stay low my friends, for they are coming soon. Or not. So, whats all this fucking bullshit doing to YOUR brain? Mines ok, or not, but I'm not staying low, I'm getting high, and making trippy videos, with my handy hands, for my friends. Stop the ops.

Stackpot's You Tube

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