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This is the original version of September Clues - made by yours truly (and by me only - I am a totally independent researcher with NO connections to anyone whatsoever - and have pursued this endeavor with NO outside counsel or financial help - at all ). - Simon Shack

September Clues Addendum


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  1. When you post September Clues at Mami's or anywhere else, it's always a good idea to post September Clues Addendum along with it.


    This is because September Clues is already 7 years old and is mainly about debunking the "planes" on 9-11 illusion, whereas the Clues Forum research of the past 7 years has established fairly conclusively that the entire PsyOp was a pre-manufactured event, just like a Hollywood production, aired as a "live" on-the-spot documentary and then re-aired a million times in bits and pieces for psychic driving of fear-&-trauma-based psychological triggers both on mainstream and alternative channels, complete with time-released fake 'amateur' videos courtesy of Steven Rosenbaum's Camera Planet, the magical magnet for 500 hours of 'amateur' video donations. It was a "documentary style" film. .

    September Clues Addendum collects most of the 9-11 related videos that Shack has made in the past 7 years and its viewing actually makes understanding the original September Clues not only far easier but updates it so that no other confusions are fostered. With all the stuff in addendum, you end up thinking non-linearly and you come at the problem of Media Fakery from multiple angles simultaneously, through ALL its myriad of manifestations: 3D CGI animation, actors, morphed vic-sims, fake vic-sim families, fake victim compensation funds run by Kenneth Feinberg, etc. It fits in all the missing pieces of the puzzle. Makes a logical, integrated whole that connects directly to Sandy Hoax, Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax and the Moon Landing Hoax of almost 50 years ago.

    And remember, Alex Jones has 920,000 subscribers on you tube, Red Ice Radio only has 42,000 and has never had Shack on and only one "No-Planer," the Simon Shack has a tiny 5200. If Alex Jones was not a gatekeeper Shack would be reaching 920,000 subscribers or approximately 177 times the audience he's reaching now! Can you say 'gatekeeping' or can't you? Just AJ by himself has 920,000 people herded at the gate far outside the castle. Most of these people will never get to the castle door, including people like Whooli who are Jew-wise and don't like Alex Jones one bit but still push the plane-hugger-memed Bollyn-research-based flicks like "Missing Links" that push the same core memes as Alex Jones and Loose-Change (planes, real victims, media-lied-on-who-did-it-only). Meanwhile most of the Sandy Hoax exposers also ignore Shack as if he didn't exist because they don't want to tie their vic-sims to the vic-sims on 9-11 and other PsyOps pre-Sandy-Hoax.

    “in regione caecorum rex est luscus (in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king)” ― Desiderius Erasmus

    ~ Negentropic

    1. thanks for the reminder Negentropic

    2. Thanks delcroix for posting this. I commented at Mami's also.

      I agree with the commenter who advises watching the Addendum for all the reasons he stated. I saw September Clues 5 or 6 years ago myself & got on board with "no planes" but was utterly clueless about the phony demolitions and the simulated victims and so on and wasted a couple of years supporting Judy Wood's baloney, which of course is based on patently CGI-created demolitions and photo-shopped pictures etc. It was only recently I sat down with Addendum seriously and gained the full picture.

      So it's really essential the two parts get watched together to save people wasting time. Hopefully, you might get around to posting that soon? Cheers, Frank

  2. Del are you having your doubts about himself [SS]

    1. Fair enough. Me neither. I just thought your intro was niggling him a bit. I think his ab/fakey phase, where four by two was off the menu and everything was military media BS, was a bit worrying. For my money ab/fakey was an op directed at shack and CF. Shack was lovebombed.

    2. @reverendleo

      If Abirato's tiny little show with hardly any listeners was a 'lovebomb' bait to draw Shack away into an even more marginalized alternative media space than he's already in (only 5200 subs on you tube after 7 years) where he's considered to be not-pointing-to-the-real-culprits but to so-called "off-chessboard" ghost entities, then it kind of worked.

      People look at the stuff Abirato is talking about and assume he also speaks for Shack and Clues Forum and dismiss Shack on the basis of what Abirato says. Abirato is just a radio broadcaster who can still stomach listening to that scumbag Howard Stern and barely has any posts on Clues Forum himself. Shack hates Howard Stern, calls him a degenerate prick


      and points to the real culprits: the Jew-owned mass-media and people like Steven Rosenbaum of Camera Planet, Kenneth Feinberg, Charles Hirsch, Howard Lutnick, Alvin Hallerstein, Matt Lauer, Rick Leventhal and, of course, Larry Silverstein, all of whom are Jews. He identifies all these people as Jews and the mass-media as 90% owned by Jews


      but he doesn't sit there all day emphasizing it and obsessing over it because he doesn't want to get lumped in with all the disreputable and unprincipled ends-justify-the-means white nationalist / white supremacist sites like Prostink's and Andre Anglin's. It's totally understandable. I wouldn't want to get lumped in with a bunch of douchebags like that either. Those guys have no integrity and think that pointing to Jews absolves them of behaving like scoundrels. It doesn't. Never has, never will and I'm glad John Friend stood his ground and refuses to associate with them anymore, although it would be much better if he stopped linking to Anglin and all CI associated people altogether.

      I trust Shack more than any other 9-11 researcher and 10 times more than Bollyn, the original plane-hugging research source of most of the Israel-did-9-11 people, later augmented by another damn-near identical plane-hugger: Alan Sabrosky. I don't think that either Sabrosky or Bollyn can be so dumb for so long not to even realize that at least the planes were CGI, that at least the nose-out shot and the plane submerged in the building with wings and tail in and no parts falling off out of millions is impossible. Sorry, I can't stretch their gullibility that far. They're both gatekeepers and most likely direct agents to bait people away from the real M.O. of these PsyOps but I don't dwell on it because "direct agent or useful idiot/ego, the result is the same: disinformation or the making of everything believable and nothing knowable, and hence, the marginalizing the path closest-to-the-truth to ever tinier circles of only the most dedicated researchers.

      ~ Negentropic

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      Vices Are Not Crimes

      A Vindication Of Moral Liberty


      Instincts of the Herd In Peace & War -- Wilfred Trotter


    3. Thanks N. I'm not attacking Shack behind his back as I made my views clear to him over the last few months. It is definitely a lot easier to be fooled than to admit that you have been fooled. Thankfully he seems to limited his fakey time.

    4. If Shack aped his entire website after that clown Anglin's tomorrow or even after Lee Rogers' "Daily Slave,' and did nothing but bash Jews, blacks, 'muds,' 'sluts' and homos all day, all the 'hardcore WN's' would still claim, following the Alex-Jones meme in their pea brains, that he's only doing it 'to make us all look crazy.'

      You know it's true. That's exactly what would happen even if he literally turned into Anglin's twin tomorrow and his site went all the way up to 50,000 Alexa. That's how well these memes work to control these morons. They don't care about truth, only what makes them look good and fits in with the written-in-stone agendas they have pulled out of their asses.

      ~ Negentropic