Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Hoax Busters: Call 263, Dec 15 2014

History is Bunk. Hosted by: Chris From OK
Conspiracy or just Theory? Current events, History, Religion, Politics,etc..with a conspiratorial view of the "System", applying critical thinking and analysis to separate the real from the unreal,...
Episode Notes: The Dope on History, The Dope on "The Law" and The Dope on Dope.


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  1. Rochelle is always a great guest. Shaun, the stoner that sounds like Tommy Chong is usually good too when he's not totally out of it. Wayne Yeager, the guy who only showed up in the last ten minutes has a uniquely bizarre way of looking at things from some kind of cosmic 'Christian' angle I'd never heard before until he interviewed Staveley last week


    Chris is one of those guys you instinctually trust in a short period of time regardless of how experienced you might be in the ways of the world, the exact opposite of Markus the con-artist who might approximate instinctual trust to gain advantage with the naive but who sets off the radar of more experienced people who have been burned many times by these types. I think the reason is that Chris has learned to unconsciously connect all the particulars and minutiae of what he examines to a solid philosophical base of classical liberal thought, Jefferson, Paine, Locke, etc., whether he's studied them directly or not but which is the philosophical heritage of all Americans, the mother's milk that has built-in immunizations from being poisoned too far, plus the strength of conspiracy knowledge, the real 'street' know-ledge, Straight Outta Austin, a crazy motherfucker named AJ, from the gang called Death Cults with Attitude.lol
    It never feels like he does this but it's the essence of what's valuable about Kendall's show. He anchors everything all the time but never heavy-handedly, always as a natural and organic course of things, discussing things from the ground up, confident that if integrity is applied it will categorize itself in the right bin set up by the oft-hidden foundational thought that came before. By the time the connections are made, such a fine mesh has made the mighty cables that the bridge can be as solid as earth across wide expanses of water.

    “There had been no crises of incident, or marked movements of experience such as in Felipe's imaginations of love were essential to the fulness of its growth. This is a common mistake on the part of those who have never felt love's true bonds. Once in those chains, one perceives that they are not of the sort full forged in a day. They are made as the great iron cables are made, on which bridges are swung across the widest water-channels,--not of single huge rods, or bars, which would be stronger, perhaps, to look at; but myriads of the finest wires, each one by itself so fine, so frail, it would barely hold a child's kite in the wind: by hundreds, hundreds of thousands of such, twisted, re-twisted together, are made the mighty cables, which do not any more swerve from their place in the air, under the weight and jar of the ceaseless traffic and tread of two cities, than the solid earth swerves under the same ceaseless weight and jar. Such cables do not break.”
    ― Helen Hunt Jackson, Ramona

    “Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

    “I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.” ― S.E. Hinton

    ~ Negentropic