Sunday, 23 November 2014

LAX - TSA - HOAX - Revisited

The Sheriff brags to the media that only a couple weeks prior to the "Shooting", hundreds of his officers conducted training of the EXACT same scenario. He failed to mention whether or not they used the same CPR Dummy in both exercises.And who needs the FBI when you have John Miller telling you the score. Within a few short hours of this mass shooting event Miller has spoke to or has complete information on what Ciancia had in the in his bag, glove compartment, what his roommate said, what his parents knew and his feelings on the new world order. Heck Miller knew just about every detail of this crime in no time, even what was "roiling in Ciancia's head:. Lots of threes in this hoax, a 3 year old kid at Terminal 3, Gate 33. TSA and LAX are both 3 Letter words and so is the word "POP" as is the three "POPS" they heard.coming from the crime scene. The shooter wore cammo fatigues and carried a big bad "assault weapon", or not, but it was a rifle and everybody wore street clothes at least, whether it was the plain clothed terrorists or the plain clothed cops (who can tell the difference right). Three color coded triage tarps made the show again, minus the yellow one in one scene. There were 3 injured or dead and about 300 evacuees. Looks to me like they had about the same number of Paramedics and Fireman to tend to the lonely and one and only casualty shown seen that day... ONE (1) REAL LIFE DUMMY. It should be noted that we will have to assume the dummy is injured because according to the reporters at the scene and the live helicopter footage seen here, the dummy was not bleeding dummy blood or even shedding dummy tears for that matter. The witnesses are sure to point out that the TSA Agents were running for there lives rather than "protecting them" and give us a hint as to the purpose of this drill. Just curious, do TSA Agents have their guns yet?.

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