Wednesday, 19 November 2014

ISIS Mass Beheading Hoax Hollywood Production

Another jew hollywood production. Just the kind of bullshit that gets the "info wars/fear mongering/preaching type tards" really excited

Max Malone's You Tube


  1. Video already removed? lol

    2 comprehensive posts I made on Hoax Busters explaining to Chris Kendall and his partly-Jew frequent guest John Adams, an intelligent and more-or-less honest guy as far as I can tell, why Jews are both a religion and a race and why I actually support and see no major problems with the 'White Nationalist New-Ageism' direction Red Ice Radio has taken, which they also seemed disappointed about, as of this point-in-time:


    ~ Negentropic

  2. What's happened to Truth Hertz? I miss it!

  3. Actually, Red Ice had Passio on a while back exposing so-called 'New-Ageism':

    Red Ice Radio Mega-Pack (45 full shows) Torrent including both hours of the Fetch appearance and the Passio anti-new-age show:


    The Fetcho show by itself:



    Tiny Homes Survival and Off-Grid Self Sufficiency videos ebooks


    The Esoteric Hour with Dennis 'the Fetch' Fetcho thread at DIF:


    “The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you.”
    ― David Foster Wallace

    David Gilmour mentions on BBC radio that Gilad Atzmon plays on the new Pink Floyd record!


    Gilad made an album with Robert Wyatt (formerly the drummer and singer of the band Soft Machine that used to open for Floyd in the 1960's), who is a close friend of Gilmour from way back.


    Here's Wyatt's classic prog-rock album "Rock Bottom," from 1974, made after he fell from a second story balcony and became paralyzed:


    ~ Negentropic

  4. [quote]

    Re: Woolwich 'Terror Attack' - SE London, 22.5.13

    by simonshack on June 2nd, 2013, 8:50 pm

    Maat wrote:Uhuh, and don't ya love the "Islamic" name they pulled out of their proverbial for the cliché cleric


    Well, how much longer are we, the public, supposed to buy that the "ISLAMICS" are the source of all our woes, "terrorism, violence, hate, airplane hijackings" and all that shit?

    I am half Swedish and half Norwegian. Norway and Sweden are two adjacent countries just like Palestine and Israel.


    Well, if I were only Norwegian, I would immediately suspect the SWEDES to be behind this continuous and ridiculous bashing of my countrymen/ and women. Yes, Swedes and Norwegians don't get along very well either!

    Can't people see very clearly what is going on here? What more evidence do you, honest reader, need in order to take a firm stance against this ongoing, hate-mongering bullcrap fomented by the jewish-owned media corporations ?

    Oh well, here we go... Let's see if this little rant of mine will ruin all the good work we are doing here...

    My personal impression of muslim countries - having travelled quite a bit in my life - is full of memories of particularly peaceful, cheerful, and warmly welcoming people - such as I have NEVER encountered in the Western World. I just felt I had to write these lines - for the record.



    ~ Negentropic

  5. "The media are 'fear-service providers.' There are people who are (or can be made) addicted to the fear mongering, addicted to the master-slave relationship and don't (or won't) want to come to a level of personal responsibility and the media will then gladly provide the fear-service programming for them. In essence we are still controlling ourselves to the degree that we participate in the manipulation (but we don't know it) and to the degree to which we EXTERNALIZE power. You can either participate in and accept the illusion or not. You can have real psychological, physiological, emotional responses to it or you can recognize that it is a FALSEHOOD and has no power over you and you maintain your power, retain your power. If we, collectively as a species, stood up and stopped watching the mainstream news and the alternative news, do you know that that network of control would cease to exist? It's that simple.

    So why is it that people need the service of fear and fear-mongering and death, destruction, war, blood and gore and the externalization of power? This has nothing to do with 'the illuminati' and 'the power elite' but only us on an individual level either claiming our power or not claiming our power. The choice is ours. What we are seeing is all in the mind. It's not physical or tangible, it's all within the mind. To the degree that you believe IN YOUR MIND that these potential terror threats are real, they will have real influence and real impact on you. But let us be clear, it's just psychological warfare. What does happen is the triggering of the trauma of September 11th and as a consequence people become fearful just like we were on September the 11th and they begin to externalize power. That's the manipulation, but ultimately the person has to CONSENT to the manipulation, no one is forcing a person because it's not physical. Again, the greatest MEANS OF CONTROL does not actualize through military might, physical subjugation or brute force. The greatest means of control is actualized through the manupilation of the PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITION OF THE HUMAN SPECIES. That's why we have to start looking at mass media and media manipulation from the context of human psychology IN THE MIND. I think that that's where the power resides ultimately and if we are going to get to a point when we begin to reclaim our power, it has to be through a restructuring of our PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITION to where we do not perceive ourselves to be these lowly slaves to these masters that we call mass-media. And that we do not accept stories from mass-media without any evidence of proof. Adequate intellectual process demands CONCLUSIVE evidence or proof and in the absence of conclusive evidence or proof we should not accept anything that anyone says, what I say, what John says, what your momma says, what your daddy says. Once you stop subscribing to the script, you allow your subconscious mind to not only heal the subconsciously embedded trauma of September 11th 2001, but then you begin to see YOUR POWER TO REALIZE IN REALITY, physically, a greater reality for yourself, as opposed to the doomsday-like scenarios that are always propagandized by the mainstream news and the alternative news." -- Lenon Honor

    ~ Negentropic