Thursday, 2 October 2014

Radio 3 Fourteen October 1, 2014

James Bowery - Virulence, Group Selection & State of Nature

James Bowery is a pioneer in IT but is better known for his blogspot, Feral Observations. We’ll discuss his theory of Jewish virulence, which is analogous to immunosuppression virulence. He’ll put forth his hypothesis about the horizontal transmissions from which this virulence has evolved. This theory is complementary to both Kevin MacDonald's thesis documented in The Culture of Critique and to Richard Faussette's Niche Theory. James discusses nations as super organisms. The pre-Christian northern Europeans had a culture that recognized the dangers inherent in group organisms, which they called "giants," "serpents," "vipers" and "dragons" depending on the characteristic of the organism. He explains how civilization is group selection. Group selection is war. So what are we evolving as a group? He says this question must be asked before we talk about what kind of a system is best for our people. Later, we’ll explore a bit of pagan history and culture. Bowery also shares his viewpoint on sacred natural heterosexuality in what he calls the "State of Nature."


Radio 3 Fourteen on Red Ice Creations

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  1. Great interview. Finally a real smart dude we can learn a few things from that doesn't live in the middle east with 9 cats. This guy was on the Stark Truth back in the Voice of Reason days but that interview was nowhere as comprehensive as this one. The site is still there but all those old links are as dead as Oracle's. The good thing about Stark's show was the very wide variety of guests he used to get on. He's still getting some very unusual guests:


    ~ Negentropic