Thursday, 18 September 2014

Flat Earth and the crumbling mountains.

The rule of thumb "keep the people dumb".

Rory Cooper's You Tube

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  1. I've watched several of these "Flat Earth" videos and they all ingnore the physics of light.

    They do a good job of describing what one sees, but does very little to explain why one sees what they see.

    The reflection of light is dependent on the speed of light in mediums of different density."
    (Study "Refractive Index" to start.)

    Light striking surfaces will either reflect or be absorbed by the material it hits. The amount of light that is absorbed versus the amount that is reflected is very dependent on the wavelength of the light as well the incident angle of the light.

    Tie that in with how our eyes perceive light and how our mind interprets what is "seen" and one can see, easlity, that the "Flat Earth" argument is flawed.

    I will no longer waste my time studying these flat earth arguments. I have better, more important things to do.