Sunday, 21 September 2014

A View From Space September 20 2014

The Spaceman goes deeper into today’s headlines than anyone else dares to go.


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  1. Some great comments here, especially by new-Clues-Forum-convert Joan Edwards and Norwegian aka Simon Shack:


    Fetzer's deep-cover gatekeeping operation is coming apart. He refuses to respond to any of Shack's posts. I've said for the past year that they don't care if people in the alternative media name Israelis or the Mossad as culprits or say Israelis 'nuked' the WTC towers on 9-11 like Fetzer now apparently believes, as long as the fear-mongering memes necessary for mind-control through direct access of the mass-subconscious stay intact and the media-fakery modus operandi of most of these PsyOps remains undetected by the majority of the world's population and repeatable ad-infinitum. In fact, professional shills like Fetzer, Don Fox and many others, maybe even including Dennis Cimino who had a shit-fit when John Friend did a nuke-lies show, know very well that, if all else fails, by pointing to Israel, you automatically gain the street-cred necessary to con the more hard-assed, 'Jew-wise' alternative media suckers to accept the rest of your weakly argued BS such as the media-and-the-TV-networks were not fully complicit on the hoax and were fooled along with the rest of us, there were 3000 deaths or 'many tragic deaths' no matter what and regardless of how many simulated identities are discovered, the towers were 'nuked' or DEW-direct-energy-weapon dustified (Fetzer previously pushed this Judy Wood theory based on falsified imagery she never authenticated which served to both fear-monger and discredit the No-Planers through association. Both the mini-nukes and the DEW scenarios are fear-mongering enough to make people, both mainstream-duped and alternative-media-duped shit their pants faster than Rense & Northern-Troof-Seeker could say Fuk-u-shima, while simultaneously fantasizing about what a wonderful world it would be if they could access this 'free energy' themselves, this last part being more strong-emotion-based or marvel/hope-based mind-control like the Moon-Hoax and ISS, the bubble that once-blown-up wants to float forever and refuses to burst), etc.

    "It now turns out, just as we expected, that it was all a lie. But the fact that our government now feels safe in declassifying these tapes bespeaks another truth.
    They are no longer afraid of truth because they know that the truth will have little impact on us. Their message to us is this: we've given you a glorious victory and we've given you back your self esteem...now here's the truth. Which do you prefer?

    The implications are terrifying. We are being told that we can't have both anymore, truth and self esteem. We have to choose. One excludes the other.

    Our government now perceives that we are entering a new phase where we, in return for self esteem, are willing to lie to ourselves." -- Steve Tesich, "The Wimping of America"

    So true. Written by the screenwriter of the excellent film "Breaking Away" in 1992 about the first Iraq invasion. I would only add that we're not 'entering a new phase,' the above description has ALWAYS BEEN THE 'PHASE,' psychologically-speaking, more-or-less, of humankind, that we must now learn to exit without losing mental stability, or remain slaves forever. Exit strategies that maintain self-esteem without sacrificing truth should be the order of the day, not falsely propped up alternative-media egos pushing their own brand of evasion.

    ~ Negentropic