Monday, 18 November 2013

Resistance Is NOT Futile


This film is dedicated to all the fearless cognitively sovereign individuals who dare to speak their own mind.

This video blog is my own experiment in memetic engineering.

Through meme-splicing and memetic synthesis I'm coining the phrases "Weaponized Memetic Viruses" (WMVs) and "Irrational Intellectual Cowardice Syndrome" (IICS) with the express intent of creating an engineered memetic anti-virus vaccine.

This counter psy-op research project is designed to find ways to directly take energy away from the machinations of nefarious social engineers. This particular memetic anti-virus is specifically designed to globally boost human cognitive immune systems.

By sharing this video with others you can help me in attempting to cure the global pandemic of Irrational Intellectual Cowardice Syndrome (IICS). Memetic anti-virus vaccines are showing considerable promise in treatments used against a variety of conditions, including Groupthink, Hive Mind, Consensus Reality Disorder and other depersonalization and self-stereotyping social psychological disorders.

Together we can turn the tide away from a global pandemic of IICS and encourage a new paradigm of Intellectual Bravery and Cognitive Sovereignty for all.

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