Tuesday, 12 November 2013

NASA’s weird and wonderful orbiting machines (pt1)

Houston. It’s starting to get hot in here.

Negative John. You mean cold right?

No, no… it’s getting damn hot. Crazy damn hot!

Don’t worry Captain we wrapped layers of aluminum foil around your capsule. It should peel off and repel the heat.

Houston… I… Arrgh.. (choke) it’s too… much… unbearable. I ca…

Those were the last words spoken by poor Captain John Doe, guinea pig for NASA test flights as the blood boiled, his brain expanded cracking his skull open, while his body fat melted on to the red hot glowing chair. What was left of his suit combusted on the spot and then started to mix with the now molten metal of the instrument panel.

The whole rocket had exploded seconds before creating a beautiful white glow in the now 1500 degree heat. What was left of John, his suit, capsule and rocket gelled into one molten mass and fell back to earth as NASA’s first inadvertent attempt at making a man-made meteorite.

This fictitious account of early “space” travel is probably closer to the truth than NASA care to admit. There is a teensy weensy fact that makes a complete mockery of the Hubble Telescope, the International Space Station, satellites and nearly any other object which they claim orbits the earth. This fact can be summed up in one word:

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