Friday, 22 November 2013

Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty May 1989

Happier times,, Kennedy visits Éire

Former Pentagon official, Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty.
Prouty served as the Focal Point liaison officer between the Pentagon and the CIA from 1955 to 1963. From his unique vantage point, he was able to witness the control mechanisms over both intelligence and the military. Writing in 1973, Prouty said:

    “The United States is run by a ‘Secret Team’... an inner sanctum of a new religious order answerable only to themselves. The power of the Team derives from its vast intra-governmental undercover infrastructure and its direct relationship with great private industries, mutual funds and investment houses, universities, and the news media, including foreign and domestic publishing houses...

2 audio files from May 1989
Prouty explains where he was when he first heard the act had occured and how that in itself indicated a conspiracy.
Part One


Part Two


The Secret Team pdf

Thanks to zeebop@cybersage for audio

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