Wednesday, 30 October 2013

RTE's Prime Time hit job on freeman backfires

RTE Prime Time show tried to do a hit job on ordinary people trying to seek solutions. They have tried using the so-called freeman (label) to denigrate those trying to help others, but it has backfired and has had the opposite effect, with many people now becoming aware and joining MSI Radio (http://tnsradio.ning.com) in search of information on solutions and sovereignty. RTE has tried to attach sovereignty to some sort of so called "freeman" movement, Even though sovereignty is mentioned in the Proclamation and the Irish Constitution they failed to mention this fact, shame on you RTE!!!..... Quote from Constitution: "The nation of Ireland hereby affirm(s)/certif(y)(ies) their unassignable/inalienable, invincible/conclusive, sovereign/commanding right to establish whatever type of Government they themselves choose"

del says ...join msi radio by all means 

just don't forget to tell 'em about the jews ....

you might have better luck 

Zen Sovereign's You Tube

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