Friday, 18 October 2013

1997-10-12 Holocaust Revisionism Internet Free Speech Rae West Slowed

Summary: This is the text of a long talk I gave on 12th Oct 1997 at Conway Hall, in Red Lion Square, London, with a few additions. It was printed in the ‘Ethical Record’ in my heavily-edited form, from which however the conclusion was omitted. It was based on Internet research, supplemented by cross-checking where possible with books and other documents published in the 1940s and 1950s. (Cf. the notes at the end). I had naturally assumed the revisionist case was nonsense, but being aware of the possibilities of systematic lying (cf. e.g. official downplaying and evasion of Vietnam War Crimes, also on this website—just one example) I considered I had an obligation to look into it. Where the information surprised me, in the sense of being diametrically opposite to the convention, I’ve flagged it, throughout this text. The conclusion I came to was that the ‘Holocaust’ was a largely or completely manufactured story.—Rae West


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