Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Vinny Eastwood Show. 2013.09.08

The Vinny Eastwood Show is not here to wake people up, it's here to help the many who should have their stories told.

9 August 2013, We All Need Paper To Fight The NWO! Feat.Mr Peak Crackers.

Mr Peak Crackers has become a prolific youtuber/social commentator, who sees the darker side of the archontic agenda and speaks up about it on his videos.  Using his own unique style of presenting the info, he exposes all facets of the control system, including the PTB’s “agenda 21” being orchestrated behind the scenes by the illuminati elite and their rich and powerful minion stooges – all of whom want to see the rest of us out of smaller towns and rural communities & herded sheep-like into large metropolitan centers, crammed into ‘micro living’ – i.e. boxed living spaces you can barely swing a cat in, where we can all be tightly controlled by their system.   (With thanks to BrianOBlivion for editing out the Ads!)


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