Thursday, 4 July 2013

Judaic Behavior/Themes in “Star Trek Enterprise”

by WheresOurBlessing

“Enterprise” was the sixth, and to date latest, “Star Trek” television series released for commercial broadcast and public consumption. Though the show was originally planned to run for seven seasons, it was prematurely cancelled due to poor ratings, and only four seasons were actually produced. It originally aired from 2001-2005, but afterwards shown only in limited syndicated reruns, and sold on DVD. Full episodes have since been made available for free streaming at www.startrek.com.

For various reasons, not the least of which was the excessive amount of ridiculous commercials that contaminated its initial run – an annoyance which made watching the show a generally unpalatable experience, and the storyline somewhat difficult to follow – I saw probably less than two dozen or so of the episodes during the original life of the series.

Recently, however, I was able to watch a borrowed copy of the entire series without any commercial interruption, and was actually surprised to find a very prominent, recurring thread woven through the tapestry of the plotlines which contained many obvious examples of what I think can only described as “jew-like behavior”.

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