Friday, 14 June 2013

When a Pathological Liar Becomes a Murdering Psychopath

Right when a media distraction was needed, "proof" of Assad using chemical weapons surfaced, which could well lead to world war 3

How do you spot when a pathological liar is also a murdering psychopath? Catch the pathological liar doing something bad. Unfortunately, murdering psychopaths are frequently pathological liars as well, and WHAT did the U.S. government do within two days of being caught doing something bad via the NSA? Hatch a pathological lie about Assad "using chemical weapons", to justify having that same government play the role of murdering psychopath and commit another act of evil to distract a mind numbed public from the evil it committed elsewhere

If they succeed in fronting this lie, it's WAR ON

full article here

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