Sunday, 9 June 2013

Ernst Zundel interviews Ingrid Rimland

This interview was filmed in 1998 at the "Zundel-Haus" in Toronto, Canada. The ethnic novelist, Ingrid Rimland, discusses her trilogy of books named "Lebensraum" (roughly translated to the English language as "living-space"). It's a three part epic narrative, spanning seven generations and 200 years !!

Here she shares her fascinating personal (and at times.., heart-wrenching !) experiences as a young child in World War II.

She also then.., describes her teenage years living in the jungles of Paraguay, South America.., and her personal struggles on the North-American continent as a first-generation immigrant...

The video interview is about 1 hour and 45 minutes long.., and is WELL worth the time to watch !!

The quality of the video is quite good (A9 / V8) when one takes into account that the master was made with the old style video cassette cameras that were affordable for that era...

After watching this incredibly well spoken and articulated interview.., do your best to then PASS IT ON.., in whatever way possible...

"Truth Does NOT Fear Investigation" !!!

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