Wednesday, 8 May 2013

the day the operative rang the sott show

 hello, this is lindsey...



  1. Brian O'Blivion11 May 2013 at 09:25

    I queried Lindsey in Mami's chat just now to see what his response would be:

    BrianOBlivion: Did you know that some people think you're an operative Lindsey?
    BrianOBlivion: not sure what kind of operative that would be...
    LindseyNarrates: That flatters me.
    LindseyNarrates: Obviously I have struck a nerve with the TRUTH that I tell.
    LindseyNarrates: So, I really am flattered.
    LindseyNarrates: And, as for those who "consider me to be an operative," they are ALCOHOLICS, BUMS, MISCREANTS, and just all-around WHITE-TRASH BIGOTS who think this bullshit about me.
    LindseyNarrates: Again, the truth hurts.
    LindseyNarrates: Anyway, I am feeling great, am IN a great mood, and the last thing that I want to think about are TROLLS who pretend to be something more than the worthless assholes that they ARE.

  2. lol brian ...he is deffo bipolar