Thursday, 30 May 2013

Russian Mass Murderer Joseph Stalin

The Leader of The Worker's Paradise
In order to stay in power, Stalin murdered everyone he suspected might threaten his absolute power even in the slightest, not just political enemies. From Karelia to Mongolia - death squads patrolled the countryside, and minorities were at the top of the hit list. Phoney charges were laid, and executions followed swiftly. Lenin valued Stalin's ruthless vicious cruel streak, a quality his other colleagues came to dislike and which they took to be the dominant factor in his character. Some argue that Russia survived only because of Stalin, and that there simply were no leaders in Russia capable of leading Russia in time of war. Perhaps, but it is no thanks to Stalin, who killed all threats to his sole power. In Stalinist "democracy" you could vote one of your own to be shot, and millions were. This is the kind of democracy that American founding fathers warned against. No absolute laws controlled these "Advanced" Marxist Stalinists, for they are free to make their own, unfettered by old moral laws.


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