Friday, 17 May 2013

Mike Sledge of Renegade blows a fuse and wants to be relegated to non-entity Status

A "Jewish Concentration Camp" somewhere on the net...

Breaking News:

Consumer of Fine lagers, Cigarettes and Columbian Marching Powder - Mike Sledge - chimped-out tonight during his Renegade broadcast.

During a call with the mami Admin "Zapoper", he started off by calling mami's a   "Jewish Concentration Camp". Then moved on to taking his Butt-Hurt out on a slightly inebriated,yet polite Zapoper.

By the end of the call, Mr Sledge had basically accused all members of mami's of being Jews, & was screaming about never wanting his shows posted at Mami's ever again. Effectively relegating his internet presence dramatically.

It's a shame that Mr Sledge has fallen off the wagon like this. His broadcasting style was enjoyed by lots of people ever since he burst onto the alternative pod-casting scene. Powered by various manifesto's with whites only themes; he bounced around the scene before settling with the "Bad Boys" of Renegade.

Sadly, in addition to consuming gallons of Jew Juice, it sounds like he's also swallowed the Kool-Aid promoted by Kyle.C.Hunt et all over there.

Now his message is vastly diluted by following their party-line, which is a real shame. He had so much promise, & now seems to have thrown his credibility away.

Allowing Jew shills to post under the banner of "Free Speech" doesn't matter if you are sure your message is right & honest. Freedom of Speech *HAS* to apply to everyone, You can't pick & choose what to post or not. & as soon as you decide to, then censorship rears it's ugly head, & you're then as bad as the Jews you profess to hate. We all know how White supremicists *love* to censor everyone who doesn't follow their agenda. But If you're afraid of what *they*(The Jews) are saying about you, then you've already lost the moral & literal high-ground, & maybe you're in the wrong business.

Mike Sledge will be missed at Renegade, the "Siberia Of the Internet" as he quoted


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