Thursday, 9 May 2013

CNN EXPOSED: Faking Satellite interview

When CNN, as revealed by their own whistle-blowing anchor Ambor Lyon, isn't busy running campaigns state-sponsored propaganda and massive censorship they are hard at work perfecting the art of fake news broadcasts.

Apparently they believe such efforts will help them rebound from a 80% drop in viewership when in reality the public is tuning out because they are realizing on a massive scale they are being lied to and manipulated by the government controlled propaganda mouth-piece.

Their latest mishap comes as Nancy Grace pretends to be doing a satellite interview which makes the viewer believe the latest updates in the Boston Bombings are being delivered to the anchor from their on the ground reporters.

As easily seen in the images there was no satellite broadcast going on at all.

Nancy Grace is instead in the same parking lot just feet away.

This is just one more disgraceful example of how CNN, and the corporate media as a whole, is no longer interested in being honest with their viewers.

Instead, they would rather lie to the viewer in search of ratings as what once was trusted by the world has devolved into nothing more than scripted bullshit

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