Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Three Mile Island Drill Set for April 16


Three Mile Island Unit 1 will conduct an emergency preparedness exercise tomorrow to evaluate the station’s emergency plan. Counties, municipalities and school districts within the 10-mile radius of TMI will participate, staffing their emergency response centers. The exercise uses simulated emergency scenarios to test the ability of plant personnel and offsite emergency organizations to respond quickly and effectively to a real plant emergency.


TMI-1 performs a number of emergency preparedness drills each year to ensure readiness. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission independently evaluates TMI-1’s comprehensive emergency preparedness program every two years. The Federal Emergency Management Agency will evaluate the performance of state, county and municipal emergency organizations during the exercise. The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, Department of Environmental Protection and State Police will also participate.

Residents near Three Mile Island may see emergency vehicles staged in the area tomorrow or hear plant public address announcements but the offsite emergency sirens will not be used. The exercise will begin in the afternoon and conclude in the evening.


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